The Vocal Lords

Tudie | Theatre at St. Clements

"Mr. Berman bubbles with the upbeat personality of the dreamer. Together [with Ethan James Duff] they invest their finger-snapping harmonizing with considerable charm."
--The New York Times

"Berman is a ball of fire who drives this vehicle whenever he gets the chance. The younger scenes win by a Bensonhurst mile...they have an energy and crispness that bring the material alive, greatly helped by the convincing performance of Berman. It doesn't hurt that this young actor can sing well - the songs are the most pleasing aspect of the production."

"There's another story to be told here, I hasten to add. The Vocal Lords is also a showcase for a remarkable young actor who, I suspect, is going to hit the big time one of these days (soon, I hope). His name is Fred Berman and he is like a breath of fresh air: so alive, so full of himself - and so full of infectious energy and enthusiasm that his unbridles vitality pours over the footlights. Plus, he's a terrific singer...we'll be hearing more from this gentleman."

"Berman's performance is polished and convincing. Add to this his youthful exuberance and perfect pitch and the result is a powerful performance."
--The Brooklyn Papers