The Producers

Carmen Ghia | North Shore Music Theatre

"Standouts in the company include Fred Berman as Roger's mincing sidekick Carmen Ghia."
- The Boston Globe

"Fred Berman is delicious as the swishier-than-thou Carmen Ghia."
 - Taunton Daily Gazette

"Fred Berman, as Carmen Ghia, follows in a long line of NSMT scene-stealing supporting actors who come in at just the right moment to lift a play when it needs it. The few moments when Ghia first meets Bialystock at the door are hilarious and they never even say anything. Berman and Marland give the play some of its signature scenes and they don’t miss them" - Hamilton-Wenham Chronicle

"Fred Berman is nearly acrobatic as the hip-swishing, finger-snapping Carmen Ghia."

"Fred Berman can't be ignored as the floppish Carmen Ghia."
 - The Daily Item

"You also couldn't improve on the casting of Fred Berman as his equally gay sidekick Carmen Ghia."
 - The Danvers Herald

"Fred Berman as Roger’s flamboyant assistant and lover, Carmen Ghia, helps the second act rise to the level of a romp."
- The Jewish Advocate

"Fred Berman, as his, ahem, right-hand man Carman Ghia, steals every scene."
 - The Edge

"Fred Berman (Carmen Ghia) made his broader-than-broad assignment genuinely funny." - The Hub Review