The Normal Heart

Mickey Marcus | The Public Theatre

"As Mickey Marcus, Fred Berman is terrific in the one moment in which Mr. Kramer gives a full spotlight to a view other than his own."
--Ben Brantley, New York Times

"No scene captures the scope of the sadness more completely than one in which Mickey (Fred Berman), who's working the phones of an AIDS hotline, has a breakdown under the weight of all the collective despair. Like Swoosie Kurtz in "Frozen," Berman is superb at evoking the tragic burden of those who have to go on living. "
--The Washington Post

"Fred Berman moves from nervous good-humor to full blown hysteria and paranoia in an arc that is all-too-possible to recognize as real."
--American Theatre Web

"Special mention of Fred Berman's blistering howl of disbelief as Mickey."
--New York Observer

"Nothing less than stunning support from Fred Berman."
--New York Magazine

"Fred Berman turns in the other most painfully memorable performance as a man who wants to put  up with a friend but finds himself wearing out under AIDS stress."

“Fred Berman's health care worker driven to an emotional breakdown is a sharply drawn character, crisply performed."

"Stonewall veteran Mickey Marcus has a bigger breakdown than any of Weeks', which Fred Berman plays with pitch perfect agony.”
--HX Magazine

"Fred Berman's breakdown as Mickey Marcus is devastating."
--NEXT Magazine

"Fred Berman makes the desperation of an employee of the city's  Health Department into another tragedy."

"Fred Berman, as one of Ned's friends and associates, eloquently and emotionally depicts the  mainstream gay community's issues with Ned's crusade."

"We should have the opportunity to accord individual performers their own standing ovations - like Fred Berman for his wrenching scene in The Normal Heart.”