Room Service

Harry Binion | The Soho Playhouse

“The most admirable performance of the bunch, though, comes from Fred Berman as the director of “Godspeed”; he turns a throwaway moment, when he is called upon to impersonate another character over the telephone, into a show-stopping bit of comedy.”
--The New York Times

“Berman provides very fine support as the producers’ principal henchman.”
--Time Out NY

“Fred Berman plays director Binion to the hilt with deft timing and slapstick acumen.”

“Berman manages his director Binion with a fine balance of oddity and charm.”

“Berman’s wild-eyed director adds greatly to the farcical flavor.”

“Berman serves terrifically as his henchman – an aggressive quick thinker, the actor assumes a distinct period style without ever slipping into caricature.”

“The leads are flawless. David Edwards as the conniving Miller and Fred Berman as his henchman in mischief, Binion.”
--John Simon, BloombergNews

“The standout is Fred Berman, just about perfect as the show’s exasperated director. This verbally dexterous and extremely fit performer (he strips down to boxers and suspenders in one scene) adroitly handles all his slapstick moments, and gets one of the show’s biggest laughs late in Act II, when he takes a call from the White Way’s owner, impersonating Gribble’s manager with potty-mouthed glee.”

“That insane scene in director Dan Wackerman’s uproarious production of Room Service, where David Edwards, Fred Berman and Robert O'Gorman are all putting on as much clothing as possible.  Don’t ask; just get yourself over to the SoHo Playhouse and have a blast.”’s 10 Most Memorable Moments of 2006

“It is Berman who ends up stealing the show with his mile-a-minute Noo Yawk talk."

“But it is Fred Berman who steals every comic moment possible as the director of ‘Godspeed’. Berman is a master gagist and his delivery is impeccable.”
--New York Cool

“Fred Berman as Harry Binion, the director of "Godspeed," seems to have been inspired by the knockabout physical comedy of the Marx Brothers, and he doesn't waste an opportunity to get a laugh, whether putting on multiple layers of clothes or trying to pack in a hurry.”
--News Time Live

“Fred Berman adds charm and wit as Harry Binion, the show’s director.”
--Show Business Weekly

“Fred Berman is every bit Edwards’ comic match as eccentric (yet dapper!) director Harry Binion, and looks very good in the underwear Binion strips down to when he gets his most visionary ideas.”
--New York Blade

“Fred Berman is a manic and clever director, whose imitation of the hotel manager’s supervisor on the telephone stops the show."
--Talk Entertainment