Of Thee I Sing

The French Ambassador | Papermill Playhouse           

"Fred Berman is hilarious as the French Ambassador.”
--Daily News

"Fred Berman (who was riveting earlier this year in The Public Theatre's revival of The Normal Heart) does a brilliant about-face here, delivering a daring over the top performance as the cartoonish French Ambassador."

"Start with that French Ambassador. Actually start with the actor who plays him, Fred Berman. He owns the stage for most of the second act. When we first encounter Berman he's the tour guide from hell...that touch of inspired Pee Wee Herman emerges full flower, when Berman reappears later in the second act as the French Ambassador. He prances. He preens. He has sudden seizures where he bursts into 'Alouette' and clucks like a chicken. It doesn't make any sense, as satire or anything else, and it's hilarious."
--Bergen Record

"Fred Berman does double duty as a White House tour guide who gets an enormous amount of mileage out of the word 'discharges' and as the French Ambassador. Berman's appearances in Act Two are among the comic highpoints of the production."
--American Theatre Web

"Fred Berman's French Ambassador is the undisputed show stopper. His 'Illegitimate Daughter' and exit are priceless."

"Berman (who owns just about all of his scenes) is giddily over the top."

"Fred Berman, who plays a cliched, diminutive French ambassador with ze correct zest, is the closest the show has to a showstopper."
--NJ Star Ledger

"The broad comedy one expects in a piece of this vintage reaches its apex in the hands of Fred Berman. The diminutive Berman prancing and posing gives the show some of its most hilarious moments."
--Home News Tribune, NJ